Monday, January 7, 2013

► KENYA: Airkenya Express launches flights to Nakuru from Nairobi Wilson Airport.

Air Kenya ExpressKenyan domestic operator, Airkenya Express (P2), has launched flights from Nairobi's Wilson Airport to Nakuru National Park via Naishi Airstrip effective 21 December. The daily flight departs at midday and also offers a connection from Nakuru into the Maasai Mara.

Airkenya Express
Airkenya Express
Airkenya Express(P2): Nairobi Wilson - Nakuru (Naishi Airstrip) - Maasai Mara - Nairobi Wilson
- Effective 21 December 2012
  • P2891 WIL 1215 - 1250 NUU 1300 - 1340 MRE 1400 - 1445 WIL EQV | 1234567
Source [Airkenya Express]

Launched in 1987, Airkenya Express was formed from the merger of Air Kenya and Sunbird Aviation and is wholly owned by a Kenyan-controlled consortium with 165 employees. It operates a fleet consisting of  Bombardier DHC-8s, DHC-7s, a DHC-6 Twin Otter and a Cessna Grand Caravan. The airline has a Tanzanian subsidiary, Regional Air Tanzania, founded in 1997 whilst AeroLink Uganda launched in 2012.