Sunday, January 6, 2013

►► RÉUNION: Air Austral, Air France announce new flights following passage of Cyclone Dumile.

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Air Austral[UPDATE 6 JANUARY] The passage of tropical Cyclone Dumile over the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Reunion have had their affect on the local aviation industry with Air France (AF) and Air Austral (UU) having to postpone and in some cases, cancel flights. Listed below are the reassigned flights.

Cyclone Dumile in Reunion
Cyclone Dumile in Reunion (IndianOceanTimes)
Air Austral (UU)
  • Saint-Pierre - Mauritius - UU116 and UU118 are canceled
  • Mauritius - Saint-Pierre - UU115 is changed. The flight will operate Mauritius - Roland Garros Airport.
  • Mauritius - Reunion - UU107 Passengers have been transferred onto the flight UU129 - Departure from Mauritius at 20h15L.
  • Saint-Pierre - Saint-Denis Shuttle - UU1085 is maintained.
Passengers are advised to inquire 0825 013 012

Air France (AF)
  • AF3580 whose arrival was scheduled on 05/01 at 10h40L finally arrives on 06/01 at 00h45L under flight number AF4074.
  • AF3583 whose departure was scheduled for 05/01 at 22h00L now leaves on 06/01 at 03h00L under flight number AF4079.
  • AF3518 whose arrival was scheduled on 05/01 at 07h15L, finally arrives at 22h45L under flight number AF4072, from Paris CDG.
  • AF3519 whose departure was scheduled for 05/01 at 10h15 to leave the night of 5 to 06/01 at 01h05L under flight number AF4077
Source [IPReunion

[UPDATE 6 JANUARY] Air Austral has issued a statement:
After the passage of Dumile and following the opening of Roland Garros Airport on Friday, January 4 at 10:00 am and the subsequent saturation, almost immediately, of the facilities, Air Austral has accumulated significant delays having a knock on effect on its program of flights.

It faces many constraints - congestion of banks records, with grub stops (sic) between 18:30 and 20:00 in Mauritius - Regulatory availability of crews whose flight hours are over-taxed - in this high peak traffic period during which the loads on flights and those of competing companies are at maximum.

All crisis teams are mobilized to offer passengers all transport solutions possible given the circumstances and in accordance with security requirements; the greatest priority at the company.

Charters, where possible, have been and are being implemented to ensure the maximum recovery of traffic for tomorrow Monday, January 7, 2013.All outstanding passengers departing and arriving at Saint-Pierre were this morning, forwarded to their destination.At 14:30, with the cooperation of the teams, a solution has to be found for departing passengers to the Seychelles. The flight will depart from UU471 Reunion at 19:00. Arrival in Seychelles: 21:30. The flight will take off UU472 Seychelles at 22:30> Arrival at Reunion at 0105.

The situation is thus gradually returning to normal. Air Austral, however, at this very moment is at its maximum and is looking for alternative transport for passengers in Antananarivo and Mayotte.  

Upon confirmation of travel opportunities, information will be transmitted live to passengers. 
Source [clicanoo.re]

See this link for Air Austral's flight schedule in the coming days.