Monday, May 6, 2013

► FLEET UPDATE BULLETIN: AV Cargo Airlines, Jet4Now, Allegiance Gabon, Gambian Government, Air Uganda

The following is a fleet update bulletin for aircraft that are in use, have been in use or will be in use for these listed airlines: AV Cargo Airlines, Jet 4 Now (Allegiance Airways Gabon (ATG)), The Republic of the Gambia, and Air Uganda(U7).

Gambian 727 (keith b)
  • AV Cargo has registered its first MD11(F) in Zimbabwe as (MSN 48746 | Z-BAM)
  • Jet4Now, South Africa has taken back its B737-200ADV (MSN 22650 | ZS-BIL) from Allegiance Airways Gabon
  • Following a lengthy three-year overhaul at Southend, UK the Gambian government has taken redelivery of its Boeing 727-100 (MCN 327 | C5-GAF) which returned via Lisbon to Banjul.
  • Air Uganda has  taken delivery of its third  Bombardier CRJ200 (? | 5X-UGH) from GECAS.
Source [skyliner.de]