Friday, May 3, 2013

► SOMALIA: Reports claim Somali Airlines to resume operations after a 23 year hiatus.

Somali Airlines
Uncorroborated reports out of Somalia claim that after nearly 25 years of dormancy, the Somali government has resurrected defunct national carrier, Somali Airlines (HH).

Somali Airlines A310 in Rome
Somali Airlines A310 in Rome in 1989
While a report in the Midnimo online paper erroneously claims that flights have resumed (or possibly "will resume") using Boeing 787s, it also goes on to add that the Somali government is in negotiations with their erstwhile allies, Turkey, over possible support for a startup, but gives no precise details.

Turkey has pledged to help Somalia's decrepit aviation industry through the construction of a new terminal at Mogadishu Aden Abdulle International Airport and the training of indigenous ATCOs, though another possibility also lies in Yemenia(IY), whose management recently paid a visit to Mogadishu and whose fleet currently consists of Airbus A310s.

Last year, Mohammed Osman Ali, the Diector General of Somalia's Ministry of Aviation and Transport, told local media that plans were afoot to help Somali Airlines back into the sky, with Lufthansa even being quoted as being a possible partner.

Somali Airlines, prior to ceasing operations completely in 1991 following the collapse of Somalia's central government, operated a fleet of Airbus A310s and Boeing 707s on a network that covered East Africa, the Gulf and Europe.