Thursday, September 19, 2013

► ETHIOPIA: Ethiopian Airlines clarifies its 787 order plans in light of media mixup.

Ethiopian Airlines logo
Ethiopian Airlines (ET) has moved to clarify various misleading international media reports regarding its 787-fleet ambitions. According to Ethiopian Television, it has been widely reported that the airline has an additional eight aircraft on order on top of the thirteen 787s it has currently signed up for, of which five have now been delivered. 

The Ethiopian national carrier says that the additional eight aircraft on order referenced by airline CEO, Tewolde Gebremariam, during his recent announcement of the airline's annual fiscal results, are the remaining eight that have yet to be delivered and do not represent a new order for the type.

According to the authoritative nyc787 blog, Ethiopian's next batch of Dreamliners, (LN 164 | ET-AOT), (LN 167 | ET-AOU) and (LN 168 | ET-AOV), are scheduled to be assembled in either Everett or Charleston during the course of 2014.