Wednesday, September 18, 2013

■ SOMALIA: Favori LLC takes over Aden Adde Int'l as Minister repudiates leaked UN letter as a "hoax".

Turkish firm, Favori LLC officially assumed control of Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport from Dubai-based SKA Logistics on Saturday September 14. Somali Minister for Information, Abdullahi Herso Elmoge, said the process of handing over control of the facility was completed on the morning of Sunday September 15.

According to Mogadishu's Radio Dalsan, SKA officials were seen departing the airport on Sunday following the handover, which has been dogged by allegations of corruption and was recently rejected by the Somali parliament on the grounds that it was "illegal and unconstitutional."

As it stands, Favori has been contracted to improve various infrastructure at the airport listed as 
  • Widening, tarring and paving of the airport's internal roads,
  • Renovation of the actual terminal building,
  • Rebuilding of the damaged parts of the actual terminal budding,
  • Lengthening of the actual terminal building entrance area,
  • Construction of a new VIP facility,
  • Creation of a separator for domestic and international flights,
  • Construction of a commercial unit in front of the main building of the VIP and public car parking area,
  • Renovation of the existing freight terminal and construction of a new cargo terminal.
Favori is also to take over the running of airport security, catering, the fuelling terminal (in conjunction with government), freight management and the running of the government-owned commercial outlets in the front of the airport.

Meanwhile, Somalia's Minister of Information, Post Telecommunication & Transportation,  Abdullahi Elmoge Hersi, has now claimed that a letter circulated to the Somali media in which he purportedly implicated his own President in the Favori contract scandal was "a hoax".
"I confirm that I did not have any communication orally or in writing with Somalia and Eretria (sic) monitoring group. Furthermore, it is imperative to mention that all actions taken against SKA are in line with the government duties and what is beneficial to our country. To that end, the Federal Government of Somalia is not backtracking & apologizing its actions. 

On the other hand, those who fabricated the letter have tried to blemish our head of state HE. Mr. Hassan Sh. Mohamud, who is the leader of our government’s fight against corruption. We are well aware HE president Hassan Sh. Mohamud, has zero tolerance in corruption and abuse of power. In addition, to that the deceptive letter has attempted to tarnish the hard earned record of international award winner & a member of Somali parliament; wife of the prime minister Madam Asha H. Elmi. Asha H Elmi, is a beyond doubt an international citizen considered as the pride of Somalia. 

The hoax letter, also reminds all of us the urgency of pushing the media law to be passed to ensure and guarantee freedom of press as enshrined in Article 18 of FGS draft constitution and at the same time regulate and ensure to bring to book those few media houses that habitually abuse the trust bestowed upon them. The FGS will and must ensure the prevalence of justice in the country."
SKA had said it would consider legal action in light of the cancellation of its 10 year concession to manage the facility, awarded to it in 2010.