Wednesday, May 1, 2013

► LIBYA: Libyan Airlines inaugurates Tobruk International Airport with flights to Alexandria.

Libyan Airlines logoLibya's oldest airport, Tobruk, has been successfully upgraded to an  International Airport with the launch of twice weekly flights now offered to Alexandria Borg el Arab courtesy of Libyan Airlines (LN).

Prior to its upgrade, the airport had only catered to limited domestic flights to Tripoli provided by both Buraq Air (UZ) and Libyan Airlines. There are also plans to introduce services to Jordan, Tunisia and Turkey. Upgrade work on a radar facility in Tobruk is set to resume once hardware is agreed on.

Tobruk Airport opening
Tobruk Airport opening (Tobruk Airport)
Libyan Airlines(LN): Tobruk - Alexandria
  • LN224 TOB 1030 - 1130 HBE CRJ 15
  • LN225 HBE 1230 - 1330 TOB CRJ 14
Source [Amadeus]

One of Libya's primary deepwater ports, Tobruk is a strategic city located in the upper north-east of Libya and forms an important trading crossroads for merchants from all over Libya and Egypt.