Monday, April 15, 2013

■ LIBYA: Ministry of Transport to replace Tripoli's radar system; to increase civilian/military airspace monitoring.

Libya flagLibya's Ministry of Transport is set to beef up the country's ability to monitor both civilian and military air traffic through the commissioning of new radar infrastructure and control facilities. The facilities will be used in monitoring the trafficking of both people and drugs in Libya as well as the illegal export of arms to neighbouring countries.

Damaged Tripoli radar in 2011
Damaged Tripoli radar in 2011 (CNnews)
Following recommendations from the Libyan Army's general Staff, projects planned include the construction of a new radar station at Tripoli International Airport to replace its predecessor which was destroyed during NATO air raids in 2011, as well as a civil aviation information centre to be built in Benghazi and which will act as a back-up to central control in Tripoli.

The head of the army’s air defences, Brigadier-General Juma Hussein El-Abani, says a military air navigation centre in Misrata has been opened while another planned one in Jufra would fall under the control of the country's air defence forces and will operate a radar station in Sirte. Radar stations in Sebha and Tazirbu would be upgraded with upgrade work on a radar facility in Tobruk set to resume once hardware is agreed to.