Sunday, April 21, 2013

■ SENEGAL: Atoumane Fall, DG of Civil Aviation Authority, fired as a result of the 1900D crash in São Tomé & Principe.

ANAC Senegal logoReports out of Senegal state that Atoumane Fall, the director of the Senegalese Civil Aviation and Meteorology authority, Agence Nationale de l'Aviation Civile et de la Météorologie (ANACIM) has been fired as a result, it is claimed, of the recent disappearance, and presumed crash, of a Beechcraft 1900D in the Gulf of Guinea, just off the coast of São Tomé & Principe.

While no exact reason for his dismissal has been given, it is speculated that top-ranking government insiders had grown incensed over the crash of the aircraft (MCN UC-74 | ZS-PHL) which, reports state, had at "one time operated under a Senegalese permit for Transair Senegal, and had been used to transport ministerial VIPs on occasion."

Dismissed on Thursday 18 April, Atoumane Fall has now been replaced by Maguéye Marame Ndao.