Wednesday, April 17, 2013

► CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: World's last operational BAe Andover gets a new lease on life in the CAR (of all places).

Central African Republic flagCanada's West Wind Aviation (WEW) is set to take delivery of the world's last known operational BAe HS.780 Andover (SET 13 | TL-AEW) with the aircraft already reregistered in the Central African Republic.

According to Skyliner.de, the aircraft has already departed Europe enroute to the CAR via Algiers where it will possibly see service for the United Nations, though this is not confirmed.

BAe HS.780 TL-AEW in Bournemouth
BAe HS.780 TL-AEW in Bournemouth (martinwren)
First flown in 1965, the Andover is a twin engined turboprop military transport aircraft produced by Hawker Siddeley for the Royal Air Force developed from the Avro-designed HS 748 airliner. Thirty seven were built.