Thursday, April 25, 2013

► FRANCE: See Pics of Libyan Airlines' first A330 due for delivery next month!

Libyan Airlines logoLibyan Airlines (LN) is set to take delivery of its first of two Airbus A330-200 (MCN 1412 | 5A-LAR) due in the coming weeks. The order is part of a larger deal for four of the aircraft of which the other two are due in Libya in May 2014.

Libyan's first A330-200 in Toulouse, France
Libyan's first A330-200 in Toulouse (FloxPapa)
Libyan's first A330-200 in Toulouse, France
(JM Magendie)
In December 2007, Libyan Airlines confirmed an order for the purchase of 15 Airbus aircraft, including four Airbus A350-800s (due from 2017), four A330-200s and seven A320s, with the A320s being deployed on the Libyan carrier's domestic network as well as to the Middle East.