Monday, April 29, 2013

►► NIGER: Afriqiyah to tentatively resume Niamey flights this month following inter-governmental talks.

Afriqiyah[UPDATE 29 APRIL 2013] Libyan carrier, Afriqiyah (8U), is expected to resume twice weekly flights to Niamey, Niger later this month following discussions held in Tripoli between the Nigerien ambassador, Hassan Maloune, and the Libyan Minister of Transport, Abdel Kader Mohamed.

Afriqiyah's pre-2011 global network  (GreatCircleMapper)
Afriqiyah's pre-2011 global network (GreatCircleMapper)
According to Panapress, the announcement was made on Sunday after Mr Maloune reportedly "requested the start of flights" on behalf of the Nigerien government whose citizens have expressed "the need" to fly into Europe and the Gulf countries via Libya.

The Nigerien diplomat, Maloune, stressed the commitment of his country to strengthen cooperation with Libya in various fields, including air transportation.

Prior to the toppling of Muammur Gaddhafi's regime in 2011, Afriqiyah operated an extensive sub-Saharan African network consisting of 17 cities in Southern, Western and Central Africa, though most were later abandoned owing to their lack of viability.

[UPDATE 29 APRIL 2013] According to the GDS, Afriqiyah will resume its Niamey flights from 1 May 2013.

Afriqiyah(8U): Tripoli - Niamey
  • 8U710 TIP 2200 - 0020+1 NIM 319 37
  • 8U711 NIM 0205 - 0630 319 14
Source [Amadeus]