Tuesday, April 16, 2013

■ SENEGAL: ADS decries lack of traffic at Tambacounda Airport despite costly upgrades.

Agence des aéroports du Sénégal logoRoughly one year on from a USD2million (XFA1billion) upgrade of its various navigation and landing aides, Senegal's Tambacounda Airport still remains underserved and in urgent need of development the agence des Aéroports Du Sénégal (ADS) Tambacounda airport's general manager, Kabe Cissé, has said.

Tambacounda, Senegal map
Tambacounda, Senegal
The airport, located on the southern outskirts of the town of Tambacounda, the largest city in eastern Senegal, 400 km south east of the capital, Dakar, has seen various upgrades to its infrastructure including a 2'000x30m runway 06/24, a 5'516sqm apron, a new control tower and a power plant with two generators of 60 kilowatts each. 

In addition, it is equipped with a state of the art PAPI visual landing aide.

However, the only thing missing from the airport, is regular traffic according to Mr Cissé, who added that the town is ideally situated at a crossroads for both train and road traffic making it a critical trading post. In addition, the surrounding region has "enormous tourism potential", with its rich panoramas, fauna and flora.

National carrier, Senegal Airlines (DN), currently serves only Cap-Skirring and Ziguinchor as part of its domestic network.