Friday, April 26, 2013

►► Happy Birthday to us - The African Aviation Tribune celebrates one year online! ◄◄

Dear All,

Today marks The African Aviation Tribune's first birthday; with nearly 1'500 posts now down in the database, she has come a long way since the very early days when it was simply a matter of cutting and pasting news articles. In terms of readers, in the 12 months The Tribune has been online, we have now developed a strong following in the African airline industry with industry professionals from airlines, MROs and aircraft lessors amongst others forming the crux of our readership.

With new data-sources, companies and suppliers coming on board, I am proud to say that the my original vision for The Tribune is slowly beginning to take shape, and by that I mean, a knowledge database that cross references countries with airlines (big and small) to produce a more or less unified picture of the industry as it is now, for future reference. Granted, it is still far from being perfect, but as the saying goes, every oak tree starts off as an acorn.

Looking forward, i have bigger plans install for The Tribune and hope to turn it from being what is essentially a dolled-up third party newswire into being an industry-standard platform that will help facilitate business through the flow of accurate and up-to-date information. At this point in time, I am pleased to say that I know of three high profile business deals (which i am sadly unable to expound on due to confidentiality) that have been brought about as a result of information sourced from The Tribune.

On that note, there are a few people I'd like to thank for having contributed to the site in one form or another: Firstly to our advertisers Solenta Aviation for their financial input which helps cover costs; to Tom, Max and Martial at ch-aviation - for their invaluable supply of information and news; and to Jim and Rich at Routes-online for their precise route updates and schedules which form a critical part of our news feed. To all our regular subscribers - Bigogwe and RwandAnFlyer in particular - and posters, thank you all for your support.

As always, for all your advertising and news submission queries, please drop me a line at: ivan(at)theafricanaviationtribune.com


Ivan Nadalet
(Editor at The African Aviation Tribune)