Friday, May 10, 2013

► SOUTH SUDAN: South Supreme Airlines now looking to add 737s to its fleet.

South SudanSouth Supreme Airlines, the nascent South Sudanese carrier founded by local businessman, Ayii Duang Ayii, is planning to add B737s to its already announced fleet of one Antonov An26.

Juba International Airport Apron
Juba International
According to ch-aviation, the carrier, which was established as a cargo operator earlier this year, is planning to add two B737-300s to its fleet though whether these will be on lease or an acquisition, is unknown.

While South Sudan currently has three known operators plying its skies: Kush Air, Feeder Airlines and Juba Air, the severe limitation i the country's infrastructure have put a damper on any further expansion plans. A prime example is Juba International Airport, currently only half-built, despite the extension of a USD150million loan from China last year to help see the project through to completion.