Thursday, February 28, 2013

■ SOUTH SUDAN: Kiir issues decree founding Civil Aviation Authority as new airline, South Supreme Airlines, is born.

South SudanSalva Kiir, the President of South Sudan, on Tuesday issued a decree formally establishing the country's first civil aviation authority (South Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority - SSCAA), tasked with regulating and developing the fledgling nation's aviation and airline industry. The authority will be overseen by a board of seven members, headed by Police General Agasio Akol.

The SSCAA's mandate will be to help with the requirements needed for the formation of airlines as well as to ensure their adherence to regional and international regulations.

According to The Sudan Tribune, a group of South Sudanese businessmen headed by local tycoon, Ayii Duang Ayii, have already formed an airline, South Supreme Airlines, with several unspecified aircraft set to be used on domestic and regional flights. The airline is partnered with International Charter Services of the United Arab Emirates.
"The group met with the vice president, Riek Machar, on Tuesday prior to the establishment of the board for the civil aviation authority. During their discussions they raised a number of concerns and potential challenges that faced the fledgling industry, particularly on issues that necessitated the urgent formation of the board."
Source [Sudan Tribune]

Southern Star Airlines - gone after just 2 months in the air
Southern Star Airlines - gone after just 2 months in the air (SouthernStar)
The local airline scene is set to flourish with Turkey's Atlasjet (KK) having won a tender for a stake in a new as-yet-unnamed airline in which the South Sudanese Government owns a minority 20% stake, 31% is owned by the local South Sudanese private sector with the remaining  49% going to international investors.

In January, Mr Machar stated that Juba's ambition was to develop the country's very weak infrastructure with the long term goal of trasforming the country into an international hub. A plan is said to be "underway" to build one of the world’s biggest airports in Tali in Central Equatoria state to serve the proposed new capital city, Ramciel, in the country's Lakes state.