Sunday, February 24, 2013

■ GABON: New Airport Infrastructure Levy to pay for new Libreville Airport.

GabonThe Gabonese Government has announced that, from 1 September 2013, it will introduce an Airport Development Levy to be included in the price of all passenger tickets, to pay for the construction of Libreville's new airport located in Andeme, 60km outside Libreville.

Proposed schematic for new Libreville International Airport
Proposed schematic for new Libreville International Airport (aga-letiste)
According to the decree issued on 21 February by Gabon's Council of Ministers, the proposal was made by the Minister of Investments. The levy will be included in the price of tickets regardless of the fare provided by the airline and will also affect international air cargo operations.
"The rate for the Airport Infrastructure Development Lecy is set by the Finance Act and will be collected for a period starting from 1 September 2013 until full repayment of the entire debt incurred in connection with the financing of the construction and development of the new airport of Libreville by the project management company for the new airport on Libreville," says the text.
Source [GabonReview]
Following an international tender in 2006, French firm, Bouygues Construction won the contract to build the new airport. Plans provide for a 3'850m long runway, an airport terminal of area 26'000 sqm with a handling capacity of 2 million passengers per annum. 

The airport is expected to be operational by 2016, as the current, Leon M'Ba International located in central Libreville, is fast approaching both its maximum sustainable handling capacity, as well as its available space.