Wednesday, February 20, 2013

► GABON: Nationale Regionale Transport dominates domestic market in 2012 says AdL.

GabonGabon's Nationale Regionale Transport (NRG) has come out Gabon's most dominant domestic carrier for the year 2012, according to statistics released by L’aéroport de Libreville (Libreville Airport - AdL). Nationale saw a 7% increase in passengers carried on 2011.

Gabon Nationale's BAe146
Nationale's BAe146 (AJ Best)
Despite a 60% market share, Nationale's passenger figures would have been higher had it not been for the suspension of its operations for 2 weeks in August/September over what Gabon's civil aviation authority ANAC claimed was an expired Air Operators Certificate (AOC). The carrier is said to have lost USD160'000 (XAF80million) in revenue during the period.

According to GabonReview, passenger figures for 2012 are as follows:
  • Nationale Regionale Transport (NRG) - 89,417
  • Allegiance Airways Gabon (ATG) - 71,603
  • Afric Aviation (L8) - 55,557
  • Nouvelle Air Affaires Gabon (NVS) - 19,056
  • Afrijet Business Service -15,611.
Source [Gabonreview]

At the international level, Air France carried 125,482 passengers, an increase of 10% compared to 2011. Then came ASKY Airlines (KP) with 49,283, Royal Air Moroc (AT) with 43,143, South African Airways (SA) with 44,382 and Ethiopian Airlines (ET) with 43,797.

Overall, passenger traffic in Gabon has increased from 7% in 2012, with 830,376 having passed through Libreville Leon Mba International Airport, against 773,440 in 2011.