Monday, February 25, 2013

► NIGERIA: Overland Airways goes 6x weekly from Abuja to Akure.

Overland Airways logoNigerian domestic operator, Overland Airways (OJ) will soon launch 6x weekly Abuja - Akure flights. The carrier's website currently lists the flight as already open and operational.

According to Aviation in Nigeria, the new flight signifies the return of scheduled operations to the airport following Arik Air's (W3) and Associated Aviation's abandonment of the route last year.

Overland's advert for Abuja - Akure
Overland's advert for Abuja - Akure flights
Overland Airways (OJ): Abuja - Akure
- Effective February?
  • OJ1198 ABV 0945 - 1045 AKR EQV 12345
  • OJ1198 ABV 1200 - 1300 AKR EQV 7
  • OJ1199 AKR 1100 - 1200 ABV EQV 12345
  • OJ1199 AKR 1300 - 1400 ABV EQV 7
Source [Overland Airways]

Akure is a city in the southwestern region of Nigeria, and is the capital of Ondo State. It is the trade centre for a farming region where cocoa, yams, cassava, corn, cotton and tobacco are grown.