Friday, February 22, 2013

■ ZIMBABWE: CAAZ takes first step in establishing own aviation academy.

CAAZControversial Zimbabwean diamond outfit, Mbada Diamonds, has handed over a USD500'000 office block to the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ), of which one of the buildings will be used to help establish an aviation training academy.

Harare International Airport
Harare International Airport (A Lapshin)
The buildings, which included a police outpost and a training facility for the fledgling academy, were handed over to Zimbabwean Minister of Transport, Communications and Infrastructural Development, Nicholas Goche at a ceremony held yesterday at Harare International Airport.
The academy will provide a foundation for the growth and development of the aviation industry in Zimbabwe and abroad, ” said Mr Goche.
Source [The Herald]
The CAAZ currently provides in-house training in the fields of aviation security, air traffic control (ICAO Annex 1 Personnel licensing training requirements), and basic computer literacy.

The buildings were constructed by Mbada Diamonds in exchange for "a piece of land they requested for the extension of their business premises at the airport."