Sunday, February 17, 2013

■ TANZANIA: Fastjet claims parking, landing fees owed to TAA were run up by Don Smith's Fly540.

fastjetFastjet (FN), the controversy-prone Tanzanian based LCC, has issued yet another statement refuting as "inaccurate" recent allegations in the Tanzanian press that it now owes the Tanzanian Airports Authority (TAA) TSh570'668'242.00 and USD95'360 in outstanding landing and parking charges.

In its original article, Tanzanian paper, the Daily News, published parts of a letter written to Fastjet by the TAA on 12 February in which it demanded payment within 3 days for outstanding landing and parking fees:
Tanzanian Airport Authority"....as at January 31, 2013 the amount is TSh224'813'040.00 which accrued from the invoices drawn from TAA headquarters and TSh313'470.00 and USD13'422.00 accrued from the invoices drawn from the Arusha Airport”, the letter reads further. TAA is complaining that the airline has remained silent on the matter despite TAA’s reminder letter dated November 9 last year and Tanzania Civil Aviation Aviation Authority (TCAA) letter dated November 15 last year.
Source [The Daily News]

fastjet, in its response, stated that the article was "inaccurate" adding that the historic debts the article refers to were "primarily incurred by the Fly540 operation in Kenya run by Mr Don Smith."
"There is a distinct lack of clarity regarding the historic charges and we have been working with the TRA and TAA to understand where the liability sits. Where amounts have been agreed and liability ascertained, we have settled those amounts rapidly."
Source [fastjet]

Fastjet and 540 Aviation's Don Smith have been fighting running battles in the Kenyan press of late over an ongoing dispute over ownership of Fly540 and of its debts incurred prior to its parent company's, Lonrho Aviation's, tie up with Fastjet.