Monday, September 2, 2013

■ SENEGAL: Spain, Senegal agree to boost traffic frequencies between them.

The Spanish Ministry of Development, through the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (Dirección General de Aviación Civil - DGAC), has agreed with the Senegalese Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to increase the number of weekly flights (round trip) that can be operated between the two countries, to twenty (20) - representing an increase of 13 frequencies between Spain and Senegal in the last eight months. The newly signed MoU supersedes the previous one signed in December 2012 which had provision for only 7-14 weekly frequencies.

Senegal Airlines
The agreement, signed during a meeting held in Dakar on August 22 and 23, is designed to update the existing bilateral air services framework and stimulate the creation of new opportunities for new and prospective carriers. With a strong Senegalese ex-patriot community resident in Spain coupled with growing economic ties between the two countries (the European Union at large as well), the new framework agreement also incorporates a liberalization of air cargo services, allowing airlines from both sides to operate as many flights as they want between Spanish and Senegalese airports.

Currently, there are only three airlines operating from Spain to Senegal, all of which are Spanish: Iberia (IB), Air Europa (UX) and Swiftair (W3). A fourth, BinterCanarias (NT), is due in October.

The Spanish Ministry of Development has of late been on a drive to renew and expand its existing bilateral services agreements with various nations, developing ones in particular, as a means of establishing new market footholds for its both its airlines and airports.