Sunday, February 10, 2013

■ ETHIOPIA: Ethiopian Aviation Academy undergoing $50mln expansion project.

Ethiopian Airlines
The Ethiopian Aviation Academy currently undergoing a USD50million expansion in a bid to boost its enrolment capacity, as demand for basic and recurrent training programs from domestic and international customers remains strong.

Ethiopian's Pilot Training School
Ethiopian's Pilot Training School (EthiopianAirlines)
Ethiopian Airlines CEO, Tewolde Gebre Mariam said the expansion will enable the Academy to be amongst the most competitive aviation training schools and will involve the construction of buildings and will also equip the Academy with modern training aircraft, computer based training, simulators, and other ultra-modern facilities. 
Tewolde said the expansion work will also enable the Academy to meet the ever increasing training demand from other African countries. According to him, by 2025, the Academy will enroll close to half of its trainees from other countries. The Aviation Academy has set target to increase its enrolment rate by fourfold from the current 1,000 trainees per year by 2025. 

The aviation training department of Ethiopian airlines was established in 1956 with the objective of providing the airline with the required skilled aviation personnel. 

The Cabin Crew Training School, Marketing and Ground Operations Training School, Pilot Training School, Aviation Maintenance Technician School, Technical Recurrent Training School and Leadership Training are the six independently running training schools of the Academy.