Monday, February 4, 2013

■ ETHIOPIA: ECAA seeks to amend BASAs with numerous African countries in hopes of spurring on Ethiopian Airlines' intra African growth.

Spurred on by its consistent annual growth of 25%, Ethiopian Airlines (ET) is seeking to consolidate its position as one of Africa's dominant carriers through the signing and amending of its Bilateral Air Service Agreements the country has with various African countries.

ASKY Airlines network
ASKY Airlines network (ASKY)
According to the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, Ethiopia has already amended its BASAs with Botswana, Egypt, Niger, Gabon and Zimbabwe "with a view to improving air transport service." Negotiations over possible amendments are currently in progress with  Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria and Tanzania.

The revised BASAs will help the Ethiopian national carrier in its aims of expanding and sustaining its leading role in the sector by "opening new hubs in various African countries and by increasing the number of aircraft in its modern fleet." The carrier's subsidiary ASKY Airlines (KP) currently provides feeder traffic to Ethiopian Airlines via its Lomé, Togo hub.

Plans are currently in the pipeline for a second venture to be based out of Lusaka, Zambia, due to launch later this year.