Tuesday, August 27, 2013

► CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: (Pics) Karinou Airlines' first B737-300 rolls out the paint shop!

Karinou Airlines logoThe Central African Republic's Karinou Airlines (U5) first B737-300 (MSN ? | TL-TSM) has rolled out the paint shop at the CAC Aircraft Services hangar in Florida. Previously due in early Q2 of this year, the aircraft is currently parked in Miami awaiting its ferry flight to Bangui M'poko International. Its exact details are not available at this time (i.e whether it is a lease or an outright acquisition).

Karinou Airlines' first B737-300 in Miami

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Karinou Airlines' first B737-300 in Miami (C.A.C. Services)
(C.A.C. Services)
Karinou's first B737-300 (© RCollazo via netAirspace)
A Lebanese-backed venture, Karinou currently operates scheduled services from the Central African Republic to Brazzaville, Pointe Noire, Douala, Ndjamena and Kinshasa using a single B737-200Adv.

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