Tuesday, August 27, 2013

► SOMALIA: Jubba Airways begins wetlease of an An30F from Congo's Aéro-Frêt Business.

Somalia's Jubba Airways (6J) has reportedly wet-leased an Antonov An-30 freighter, TN-AHP, from Congolese cargo specialists, Aéro-Frêt Business, based out of Pointe Noire, for use on its domestic Somali passenger flights. 

An Antonov An30 (WGartenfreuden)
According to ch-aviation, the move was made necessary after its previous lease, an Antonov An-24, 3X-GEG, leased from an unknown Guinean operator, was recently grounded by the Somali Civil Aviation & Meteorology Authority (SCAMA).

SCAMA's decision to withdraw 3X-GEG's airworthiness certificate comes after the Guinean civil aviation authority (Direction Nationale de l'Aviation Civile - DNAC) de-registered all aircraft on its registry in May 2013 in line with an ICAO USOAP audit recommendation.