Thursday, August 22, 2013

► LIBYA: Afriqiyah launches Misrata - Cairo as Libyan Airlines upgrades Istanbul, Casablanca to the A330.

AfriqiyahAfriqiyah (8U) has launched twice-weekly flights between between Misrata, Libya's third largest city 187 km east of Tripoli, and Cairo. Flights operate on-board an Airbus A320. Despite the troubles in Egypt, the Libyan Herald says flights to Egypt are "largely fully booked".

Afriqiyah(8U): Misrata - Cairo
-Eff 20AUG
  • 8U438 MRA 1100 - 1300 CAI 320 14
  • 8U439 CAI 1130 - 1400 MRA 320 14
Afriqiyah already flies from Misrata to Tunis, Sfax and Benghazi. 

Paul Spijkers
Meanwhile, Libyan Airlines (LN) has deployed its newly arrived pair of Airbus A330-200s onto its popular Tripoli - Istanbul and Tripoli - Casablanca flights replacing the A320. As a result, the freed up Airbus A320s have now replaced the CRJ900s on the following routes: 
  • Benghazi - Tunis, 
  • Abraq - Tunis, 
  • Abraq - Tripoli
  • Tobruk - Tunis. 
The Libyan carrier has also slated Tripoli - Sharm El Sheikh for a possible launch. In a recent interview with Marcopolis, Libyan Airlines CEO, Khaled Ben Alewa, said the airline was also planning to launch Malta, Manchester, London and Madrid flights.