Wednesday, August 7, 2013

■ SOUTH AFRICA: Regulator dismisses SAA's complaint against kulula regarding the latter's controversial ad campaign.

SAA logoThe Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa has reportedly dismissed a complaint brought by South African Airways (SA) against local rival LCC Kulula (MN) over the latter's use of the South African flag and slogan "The Most South African Airways" in an advertising campaign launched in March this year.

According to TravelBuyer magazine, in its judgement, the Advertising Industry Tribunal found that "there was no flagrant and deliberate attempt by kulula to breach the Advertising Code of Good Practice" adding that "the use of the words 'The Most South African Airways' was not a “claim” in itself, but in the context of the advertisement was primarily meant to amuse."

kulula's rebranding
The "offending" branding

 kulula's rebranding

In its original complaint, SAA had claimed that kulula, through its use of the South African flag (stylized to resemble that of South African Airways' logo) and the slogan “The Most South African Airways”, had violated the Advertising Code of Good Practice.