Thursday, August 22, 2013

■ SOUTH AFRICA: SAA renews, expands contract with ARINC for its Aircraft Comms systems.

ARINCSouth African Airways (SA) has signed a five year exclusive data link contract with US-based Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC) for its GLOBALink Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) Services. This new agreement configures ARINC for all VHF, HF and Satellite ACARS traffic. ARINC also provides cabin connectivity on South African Airways long haul flights. 

ARINC's ACARS data link services are built on an integrated worldwide network of VHF and HF ground stations, along with Inmarsat and Iridium satellite networks, to provide seamless data communications to aircraft anywhere in the world.

South African Airways will use ARINC's HFDL (High Frequency Data Link) service for its global coverage across oceans, continents and Polar Regions while seamlessly interfacing with VHF and SATCOM communications.
"South African Airways has been an ARINC customer for a long time and we are pleased to be continuing our relationship," said Paul Pavlides, SAA Chief Information Officer (Acting).

"We are very excited to continue working with South African Airways," said Alexis Hickox, Senior Director, Aviation Solutions, at ARINC EMEA.
ARINC Incorporated, a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group, provides communications, engineering and integration solutions for commercial and government customers worldwide. It is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland with regional headquarters in London and Singapore.