Tuesday, August 13, 2013

► UNITED STATES: South Africa's Global Airways to resume Johannesburg - Miami via Cape Town; appoints Fuelstream its US rep.

With the impending relaunch of its Johannesburg - Miami via Cape Town flights, South Africa's Global Airways (QG) has appointed Fuelstream Inc. as their US Representative. Fuelstream will evaluate and recommend ground handling companies, caterers, crew transportation and services, coordinate with cargo handlers, and serve as Global's GSA for cargo in Miami. It will also work with the Aviation Department on gate assignments and ticket counters, and with all government authorities (TSA, Customs & Immigration and the local police) to ensure compliance. 

Global Airways DC9-32
In a statement, Global Airways says its renewed 4x weekly service to Miami will begin in either late 2013 or early 2014 using an Airbus A330. It claims the route operated successfully up until 2004 when "political commitments terminated the service".
Ron Finger, Managing Director of Global Airways stated, "We will be relying heavily on the staff of Fuelstream for these services but the most important service is sourcing the jet fuel that we will require, which is approximately 1,800,000 gallons a month. Without the fuel there would be no service."

Robert Catala, CEO of Fuelstream stated "We have developed a relationship in South Africa with The Global Aviation Group and are pleased that this relationship will continue to grow. We are very excited about this new opportunity for providing the jet fuel and services that Global Airways requires for their new service.
Established in 2001, Global Airways has a fleet of 10 aircraft comprising the McDonnell-Douglas DC9-32, DC10-10 and MD-82 operating in Africa and Middle East and offers full aircraft services and maintenance with a highly trained staff and crew compliment. The operator services various government and regional airlines based in South Africa and is seeking to add fuel serving as a new business unit.