Wednesday, August 7, 2013

■ MOROCCO: AfBAA launches symposium series – first regional event to be held in Marrakech.

African Business Aviation Association AfBAAJust over a year since its inception, The African Business Aviation Association (AfBAA), is set to launch a series of four annual regional and national symposia, the first of which takes place in Marrakech, Morocco, on 26 – 27 September 2013.

The symposia have been initiated to provide a regular platform for dedicated business aviation discussion that will take place through lively panel debates, key note speakers and expert presentations. The meetings will also provide opportunities for members and non-members to network and debate specific issues relating to the developing pan-African Business Aviation sector. It is anticipated that each of the AfBAA regional symposia will offer a platform to government and private organizations to discuss common issues that are pertinent to that region.

In Morocco the event is being supported by the Moroccan Ministry of Transportation and the Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority which has already committed itself to being a keynote speaker and will see AfBAA’s Founding Member, Dalia Air, provide ground support and sponsorship.

The first symposium will discuss the development of Business Aviation in Africa, with a particular focus on Northern Africa, along with its effect on the growth of the economy in the region as well as the continent. In addition it will potentially provide foundations for industry-enhancing regulations. It is expected that it will attract government officials, regulatory bodies, business aircraft operators, OEMS, airports, law firms, financial analysts, banks, leasing and finance companies and all aviation professionals with an interest in the current and future development of the region.
Under the direction of the Founding Board, AfBAA has pledged to regularly bring together African business’ involved in the growth and development of the burgeoning Business Aviation community on the continent.” said Chairman and Founder Tarek Ragheb about the symposia.
We know that each country and region has its own issues and we are dedicated to advocating on their behalf. By holding a selection of regional meetings we are able to provide a forum for advancing and debating these key topics. We are looking forward to welcoming north Africa’s delegates and anticipate they will value the opportunity to discuss at first hand with the regulatory bodies, banks and lawyers issues that are currently effecting development in the region.
The event will be held over one and a half days and will feature a gala dinner for the final round of networking. Aviation conference arranger Aeropodium will be responsible for arranging the speakers and logistics related to the event whilst sponsorship and table top exhibition opportunities will be available for those wishing to target this influential audience.