Monday, August 26, 2013

► SOMALIA: An26 overruns runway on landing at Guri'el airstrip, impacts rock; one injured.

A Ukrainian Antonov An-26 (MCN 57314101 | EK-26818) operated by South Airlines overran the runway on touchdown at Guri'el airstrip in Somalia's central Galgadud region on Sunday, August 25, injuring one crew member. The flight, inbound from Mogadishu Aden Adde International Airport, was reportedly carrying the region's newly appointed governor, Husein Ali Wahliye, on a trip to visit Dhusamareb, Guri'el and Abudwaq.

According to reports exclusive to The African Aviation Tribune, the An-26 arrived inbound at 13h04Z (16h04L) with 5 crew and 45 passengers aboard. However, the aircraft missed the touchdown zone, landing instead midway down the runway. 

As a result, the aircraft overran the strip (unpaved) before impacting a large rock. The resulting collision forced the nose wheel up through the cockpit floor injuring one crew member.

The remaining passengers and crew safely disembarked from the stricken turboprop, now disabled at the airfield.