Wednesday, August 21, 2013

► MALAWI: Air Cargo Malawi Ltd reiterates it is still fully operational despite Air Malawi's winding up.

Air Cargo Malawi Limited (ACL) has reiterated that it is still business as usual for the freight specialists despite its former parent, Air Malawi Ltd (QM), having been dissolved and its assets disposed of earlier this year. The firm specializes in the import and export of goods and freight to and from Malawi.

Air Cargo Malawi Ltd was spun off, along with the Lilongwe Handling Company Ltd, from Air Malawi prior to its winding up and prior to the recent creation of the new Malawian national carrier, Malawi Airlines, a 51/49 venture between the Malawian government, its nationals and Ethiopian Airlines (ET) set to get airborne later this year.

According to an interview with Mr Steve Msamala, Air Cargo Malawi Ltd's European & UK manager, the freight specialist is still fully operational allaying some clients fears that the outfit had also been liquidated.
We would to make it known to our clients in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world that Air Cargo Malawi Limited is in full swing with its excellent service delivery. We want to keep our valued customers and the general public informed that Air Malawi passenger services are the one which was liquidated to make it clear emphatically that Air Cargo Malawi Ltd is still operational and going strong,” said Msamala.
Air Cargo Malawi Limited currently operates a weekly freighter service from London Heathrow to the Malawian capital, Lilongwe.