Friday, August 16, 2013

► SUDAN: Mid Airlines Fokker 50 prop shatters on collision with obstacle; no injuries.

The Aviation Herald reports that a Sudanese Mid Airlines (7Y) Fokker 50 (MSN 20130 | ST-ARG) that was preparing for departure from Khartoum International Airport enroute to El Obeid as flight 7Y450, on August 6, suffered a serious incident when the starboard side prop slammed into a ground power unit while taxiing.

The prop is said to have shattered sending bits of debris flying into the adjacent fuselage and penetrating the passenger window.
The aircraft prior to the incident (Andreas Fotopoulos)
No casualties or injuries were reported.

The Sudanese Air Accidents Investigation Central Directorate (AAICD) has opened an inquiry into the incident.

For photos of the incident, see this post.