Wednesday, April 10, 2013

► GUINEA BISSAU: TACV suspends Praia - Bissau flights citing poor load factors.

TACVTACV Cabo Verde Airlines (VR) says it has suspended flights to Bissau, the capital of Guinea-Bissau, owing to the route's poor returns. The move is effective 3 April.

Osvaldo Vieira International Airport,  Bissau
Osvaldo Vieira International Airport,
Bissau (zazzle)
According to a news release, the carrier is suppressing the Bissau flight, which operated 3x weekly via Dakar, Senegal to Praia, as a result of its new commercial strategy.
Considering the seasonal character and low occupation of flights to Bissau, the board has decided to suspend that route,” said a statement issued by the company, adding that “this year the crisis is affecting the whole region, and, naturally, the viability of flights to that destination.
Source [macauhub]

While the flights still reflect on the GDS, their availability has been closed.

TACV has noted that it will "keep an eye on the situation" and will resume flights if and when the economic situation proves coducive.