Wednesday, April 10, 2013

■ MAURITIUS: Air Mauritius selects the Aerostream XP1 for its A330/A340 IFE suite.

Air MauritiusAir Mauritius (MK) has placed a contract with Airline Services Ltd for the company's new enhanced definition digital video player - the Aerostream XP1. The IFE system has been selected for their Airbus A330 and A340 fleet and installation of an initial 40 units will begin this year.

AeroStream XP1AeroStream XP1 is a new generation plug-and-play device designed and developed by ASL's aviation engineers, primarily targeting the IFE retrofit market. The single channel AeroStream XP1 enables airlines to cost-effectively upgrade their IFE system quickly and inexpensively, at a time when VHS video tapes are becoming obsolete and DVD players are out-dated. With up to 160GB memory the unit can store in excess of 25 films at a time (MPEG2).

The unit converts digital data into a composite signal for older generation IFE monitors. The AeroStream XP1 has the capability to serve as a stand-alone unit or slave unit for multi-channel systems, and is small enough to fit into an overhead bin, weighing just 1.5kg.

Encrypted content updates are managed via a secure FTP data transfer interface, which is fully approved by all US Studios and distributors including Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros, Sony, Universal and Paramount for early window content.
"This means that passengers can enjoy the latest films from Hollywood inflight, rather than a restricted and limited library of old movies on VHS," said ASL Board Member, responsible for IFE Simon Sixsmith.
Cyprus Airways was the launch customer for ASL's Aerostream XP1 earlier this year for its Airbus A321 aircraft.