Monday, August 5, 2013

■ KENYA: Kenya Airways releases its Operations Report for Q1 FY2013/14.

Kenya AirwaysKenya Airways (KQ) has released its Operations Report for the First Quarter of its 2013/14 Financial Year. Overall, the company put into the market place a total capacity of 3'464million seat kilometres which gives a year on year growth of 3.0%.  During this quarter the airline successfully launched three weekly operations into Livingstone, the third destination in Zambia after Lusaka and Ndola.

Capacity Available: % Change on 2012

The measure of an airline flight's passenger carrying capacity against the same period in 2012.
  • Middle East & Far East (+12.8%):Growth was driven by the introduction of daily operations to Guangzhou via Bangkok coupled with increased deployment of larger B777 equipment to Bombay.  
  • North Africa (0.0%): despite the introduction of a third daily frequency to Juba, growth remained flat because of the inevitable cutbacks made to Cairo following the volatile political situation in Egypt. 
  • East Africa (+12.9%): Growth increased owing to the increase in early morning departures to Entebbe and additional Dar-es-Salaam frequencies and daily night stops.
  • Southern Africa (+10.4%) Rise in demand was largely due to the increased night time operations into Lusaka and Lilongwe as well as the introduction of of Livingstone flights.
  • West Africa (-10.9%): The slump was driven mainly by the suspension of Bangui, Ouagadougou, N’Djamena and Libreville destinations due to constrained demand. 
  • Europe (0.0%): Despite the withdrawal of flights to Rome, growth remained on par with last year because of the addition of two weekly frequencies to Paris.
  • Kenya (Domestic) (+11.6%): The rise was due to the re-launch of services to Eldoret in October 2012 and the addition of a further two daily flights into Kisumu including a night stop.
  • Cargo Capacity  (-4.0%): Cargo capacity offered measured Cargo tonne kilometres on the passenger aircraft belly declined by 4.0% with an equivalent drop in actual cargo volumes uplifted in the quarter. However, the introduction of the regional freighter in April marked a major milestone in broadening the cargo network and will continue to drive the attractiveness of Nairobi as the region’s future airfreight hub.

Seat Occupancy: % Occupancy for 2013 (% Change compared to 2012)

Essentially, the fullness of your aircraft cabin on all flights on a particular route over the same quarter in 2012.
Passenger traffic measured in revenue passenger kilometres at 2'330million grew by 5.8% ahead of the same quarter last year.  The total passenger carrying at 932'912 was 10.9% more compared to the same period last year, achieving a cabin factor of 67.3% against last year’s level of 65.5%.
  • Middle East & Far East: 70.2% (+2.1%) In the Middle East and Far East regions, uplifted passenger traffic at 139,275 showed a 12.3% improvement over prior year. The realized cabin factor of 70.2% in this region was 2.1 percentage points better than last year.
  • Africa: 63.7% (0.0%) Africa, but excluding Kenya, saw an uplift total of 480,604 indicating a growth of 9.4% because of the factors already referred to above.  The resultant passenger cabin factor of 63.7% was however at par with similar period last year.
  • Europe: 68.5% (+1.7%) The passenger uplift to Europe at 90,517 shows some recovery compared to last year’s level with an achieved cabin factor of 68.5% being better than prior year’s 66.8%.
  • Kenya (Domestic): 76.8% (+3.6%) Passengers uplifted within Kenya at 222,516 grew by 22.1% with an improved cabin factor of 76.8% an increase of 3.6 percentage points due to the resurgence of business traffic in the country.

Compare to Q1 2012/2013's Operational Report here: ■ KENYA: Kenya Airways releases its Operations Report for Q1 FY2012.