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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

► MALAWI: Air Cargo Malawi Ltd reiterates it is still fully operational despite Air Malawi's winding up.

Air Cargo Malawi Limited (ACL) has reiterated that it is still business as usual for the freight specialists despite its former parent, Air Malawi Ltd (QM), having been dissolved and its assets disposed of earlier this year. The firm specializes in the import and export of goods and freight to and from Malawi.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

► MALAWI: It's hello "Malawi Airlines" as government completes deal with Ethiopian Airlines.

Malawi flagThe Malawi government has announced that negotiations with Ethiopian Airlines (ET) have now been successfully completed, with the successor to defunct Air Malawi Ltd to be known as "Malawi Airlines Ltd".

Monday, June 24, 2013

► MALAWI: Air Malawi Ltd's lone ATR42, two 737s put up for sale by liquidator.

Air MalawiMr Lekani Katandula, a partner at audit and business advisory firm Deloitte, the officially appointed liquidators for the now defunct Air Malawi Ltd (QM), has announced that the airline's fleet of three aircraft, an ATR42, a B737-300 and a B737-500, are now up for sale to all interested parties.

Monday, June 10, 2013

► MALAWI: Rejuvenated Air Malawi due back in the skies before June 30.

Air MalawiFollowing the finalization of modalities, a revitalized Air Malawi (QM) operating in conjunction with Ethiopian Airlines is due to begin operations by the end of this month (June), Malawian Minister of Transport and Public Works, Sidik Mia, has disclosed.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

■ MALAWI: Ethiopian Airlines confirms talks have begun with Government over 49% stake in Air Malawi, choice of local partner.

EthiopianAfter being declared the "preferred bidder" for a stake in Malawi's now dissolved national carrier Air Malawi (QM), Ethiopian Airlines (ET) says it has officially entered into negotiations with the government regarding its 49% buy-in.

Friday, February 15, 2013

■ MALAWI: Ethiopian Airlines wins 49% stake in renewed Malawian national carrier.

Air MalawiEthiopian
Leading on from our previous post, Malawi's Privatization Commission yesterday declared Ethiopian Airlines (ET) the winner of the 49% Foreign Shareholder stake up for grabs in a renewed Malawian national carrier, set to succeed the quasi-defunct Air Malawi (QM). The Ethiopian national carrier was named the preferred bidder for the position of strategic partner in the new airline, Air Malawi (2012) Limited, based on its "global experience and competitiveness".

Thursday, February 14, 2013

► MALAWI: Air Malawi ceases all flights as new foreign investor to be announced in due course.

Air MalawiMalawi's beleaguered national carrier, Air Malawi (QM), has officially ceased flights with 243 employees also having been laid off, as the airline is liquidated in preparation for the founding of a new privatized venture, Air Malawi 2012.

Friday, December 28, 2012

■ MALAWI: Over 240 Air Malawi employees face lay offs as privatization drive begins to hurt.

Air Malawi (QM) Ltd is to send "up to 243 employees" on leave pending retrenchment and retirement as part of the government's restructuring of the company, currently being overseen by the Privatization Commission.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

■ MALAWI: Privatization Commission unveils shortlisted bidders for Air Malawi; Ethiopian in, BA Comair out.

Malawi's Privatization Commission, the governmental department charged with overseeing the sell off and eventual privatization of national carrier Air Malawi (QM), has announced a shortlist of 5 potential investors for Air Malawi (2012) Limited, whittled down from the original 11.

Friday, November 16, 2012

■ MALAWI: Ethiopian Airlines, Comair Ltd express interest in 49% stake in Air Malawi.

The Malawian government this afternoon announced that a liquidator had been appointed for Air Malawi Ltd (QM) in order to facilitate the speedy settlement of its debts and liabilities as it moves ahead with the restructuring of the struggling national airline. Additionally, a short-list of possible investors has also been announced with Ethiopian Airlines, and twice shy suitor Comair Ltd in the running.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

► MALAWI: Air Malawi to be unbundled before privatization.

As Joyce Banda's Malawian government pushes on with its cost cutting measures aimed at freeing the ailing African nation's fiscus from millstone parastatals, up for sale is Air Malawi (QM) Ltd, in which the Malawian Government has pledged to honour all the national flag carrier's debts and liabilities as part of a deal sweetener. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

► MALAWI: Swift Air grounded by courts as Government mulls Air Malawi's future following huge losses.

SwiftairPrivately owned Malawian airline Swift Air has been grounded by the Malawian courts and had its property in Lilongwe attached over outstanding rental fees and monies owed to Air Malawi, the Airport Development Limited (ADL), and various independent travel agents.

Reports claim that employees at the family run company had not reported for work since May and that the airline's headquarters in Lilongwe had subsequently remained shut. Despite all this it is alleged, the airline still remained operative, albeit by proxy i.e using other carriers to ferry passengers under their trade name.
"An employee who held a senior position at the company but spoke on strict condition of anonymity told Zodiak that the CEO left two months ago amid pressure from the debtors.
“When all our planes were suspended two months ago due to financial challenges, the owner decided to continue selling tickets and in turn use Air Malawi to fly the customers,” said the employee adding; “The debt with Air Malawi rose to millions and she decided again to use independent travel agents to book our customers on air Malawi flights but she has failed to pay them too.”"

Prior to its grounding Swift Air operated domestically between Lilongwe, Blantyre, Mzuzu, Karonga with a single regional flight operated to Johannesburg, South Africa whilst their fleet consisted of a South African leased McDonnell Douglas DC-9 (ZS-GAU?), an Embraer 120 (9J-RYL) and a Beechcraft 1900D. All of have either been returned to their respective owners or grounded as a result of the financial crisis at Swift Air.

Swift Air DC9 at Lilongwe
Swift Air Malawi's lone DC9 at Lilongwe (SwiftAir)

Founded in January 2011, the airline was seen as a viable alternative to the unreliable parastatal Air Malawi, whose own future has been called into doubt over heavy continuous annual losses, which for the year 2011, amounted to MWK1.1billion.  The losses have been attributed to Air Malawi's continued use of leased aircraft for operations; a reliable if very expensive way to operate.

In addition, new president Joyce Banda's financial reforms have seen the Malawian currency, the Kwacha, lose 33% of its value overall after a devaluation was effected in order to help resuscitate the then ailing Malawian economy. The loss in value of the currency means the airline has had to deal with declining hard currency revenues locally to meet its foreign debts.

"With devaluation, our traffic has gone down as less and less people are able to travel," said Air Malawi's Director of Marketing Tony Chimpukuso Wednesday.
"And we are still waiting for the new government to state their position on Air Malawi. The previous government was not interested in us. They just wanted us to close down," h e said.
Chimpukuso said lack of equipment, costs incurred to put passengers on other airlines during breakdowns and last year's 10 percent devaluation of the kwacha contributed significantly to the losses at the airline.
The Malawi Institution of Engineers (MIE) recently called on government to make a concrete stand on Air Malawi if the country's air transport sector is to be revamped.

However all is not lost for the Malawian national carrier as it seems their cargo department at London Heathrow is slowly but surely regaining its market share after years of neglect. New capable staff have been hired in attempt to woe back lost business.
"Air Malawi which in the recent years had been dogged with a surmount of difficulty in its operations seems to be crawling back to serious business with a full force as it has just revamped its cargo services department at its offices at Heathrow Airport, London in the United Kingdom (UK) with a an improved service delivery."

So, whilst a market for sending home goods from abroad does most certainly exist, all that needs to be done is to organize an efficient and well run organization to do it.

Easier said than done in Africa sadly...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

► MALAWI: Air Malawi struggles to get back on feet; rebuild confidence.

Having been forced to temporarily cease operations last year due to lack of aircraft, Air Malawi (QM) has been finding the going hard since re-entering the market for both regional and domestic flights.

"Air Malawi's Tariffs and Industry Affairs Manager Tony Chimpukuso said the flights have  already proved useful and convenient for local travellers as it leaves early in the morning in Blantyre and returns late in the evening to enable customers do all their business assignments during the day.

The flights also operate during weekends, according to Chimpukuso."
Read More Here [The Daily Times Malawi]

The updates come as Malawi is scheduled to hold a summit of the African Union in July.