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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

► SOUTH AFRICA: Mango offers inflight WiFi.

South African LCC Mango Airlines (JE) has started offering inflight broadband on its Boeing 737-800s. Called "G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi" in conjunction with Vodacom South Africa, Mango passengers can now surf the web when travelling between South Africa’s major centres.

There are three different G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi packages on offer. One-Way Access is priced at R50 per single sector flight with a One Day pass available at R90, irrespective of the number of flights completed during a 20 hour period. A per-minute option, billed through G-Connect online account, offers land and air convergence at R1 per minute. All three packages offer unlimited data use during the allotted time.

Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout stated that 80% of the fleet should be online by the end of  June, with second phase being launched thereafter, which will include IPTV and other entertainment services.