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Monday, August 26, 2013

► KUWAIT: Egyptair Express starts 3x weekly Sohag - Kuwait City flights.

Egyptair Express logoEffective Saturday, August 24, Egyptair Express (MSE) has launched three times weekly flights between Sohag, a city in central Egypt that lies on the west bank of the Nile, and Kuwait City. Flights operate onboard an Embraer E170.

Friday, June 28, 2013

► LIBYA: Egyptair Express to go 4x weekly Alexandria - Benghazi from July.

Egyptair Express logoEgyptair Express (MSE) are to launch four weekly flights between Benghazi, Libya and Alexandria with effect from July 2. The flights will operate using an Embraer E170.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

■ EGYPT: Egyptair Express to be liquidated, with E170 fleet returned to Egyptair on the back of poor finances.

Egyptair Express
According to Egyptian paper, Ahram, EgyptAir Express (MSE) is to be reintegrated into its parent company, Egyptair (MS), six years after it was launched to offer passengers increased frequencies on domestic and thin international routes, such as Cairo-Budapest.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

► EGYPT: Egyptair Express mulls fleet renewal before expanding into Africa.

Egyptair Express
Following on from the events of last year's Arab Spring and consequently a very difficult financially 2011 whereby the airline's profits took a 75% plunge, Egyptair (MS) has decided to reorganize its fleet and route operations by offloading several of its "thinner" African routes to its subsidiary Egyptair Express (MSE).

Egyptair Express
Egyptair Express Embraer E-170LR
Possible routes to be moved to Egyptair Express are Cairo to: Khartoum, Sudan, Asmara, Eritrea and Juba, South Sudan all which are presently served by the Boeing 737-500, whose capacity appears to have come in under Egyptair's proposed policy of maintaining only 140+ seater aircraft in its main fleet. In the interests of fleet renewal and of finding suitable aircraft for these new routes, Egyptair is considering the Embraer E-190 or Bombardier CSeries.

"It has also used Embraer aircraft to increase frequencies. Following the sharp drop in passenger numbers after the Egyptian revolution in early 2011, it moved some strategic short-haul routes to the E-170LR fleet to maintain frequencies and transferred non-strategic short-haul routes to the Brazilian aircraft to preserve market presence."
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Presently,  EgyptAir Express operates 12 Embraer E-170LRs to destinations in Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Lebanon, Malta and Saudi Arabia.