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Friday, September 27, 2013

► RÉUNION: Air Austral's Ewa Airlines due to launch from October 29 as A380 talks go on (and on).

Air Austral
Réunion-based airline, Air Austral (UU), has set October 29 as the launch date for its new regional startup, Ewa Airlines, which will serve the Indian Ocean region as well as Mozambique and Tanzania with an ATR72-500.

Friday, August 2, 2013

► RÉUNION: Air Austral concedes that any A380 delivery would not be in an all-economy configuration.

Air Austral
La Réunion-based carrier Air Austral (UU) CEO Marie-Joesph Malé says his carrier will not take delivery of the A380 in an all-economy lay out citing the threat to its premium traffic such a layout would present to the airline's overall viability.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

■ RÉUNION: Air Austral sees overall losses for FY2012/13 drop by 40%.

Air Austral
La Réunion's Air Austral (UU) has announced a turnaround in its fortunes, roughly one year on from the appointment of Mr Marie-Joseph Malé as new CEO of the company. For its 2012/13 Financial Year which ended on March 31, the carrier posted losses of USD35.8million (EUR27.06million), an improvement of  40%  on last year's numbers (USD50.8million loss).

Friday, June 7, 2013

► SEYCHELLES: Air Austral axes Réunion - Mahé flights from June.

Air AustralAs part of its route rationalization initiative, Réunion-based carrier, Air Austral (UU), will terminate its now weekly St. Denis de la Reunion – Seychelles service with effect from June 5.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

► RÉUNION: Air Austral outlines its Summer 2013 timetable; added Paris CDG flights due in November.

Air AustralLa Réunion-based French carrier, Air Austral (UU), has outlined its planned Northern Summer 2013 timetable, which runs from 31 March to 26 October 2013, and which aims to optimize its flight schedule in order to help return the airline to break-even during the 2013/2014 Financial Year.

Monday, March 4, 2013

► THAILAND: Air Austral switches Chennai/Bangkok flights to night time ops from late March.

Air AustralRéunion-based carrier Air Austral (UU), from 31MAR13, is to adjust its operational schedule on its St. Denis de la Réunion – Chennai (Madras) – Bangkok service. Currently, the airline operates morning and night-time departure from St. Denis, 1 weekly each. This will be changed to a night-time departure only.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

► SEYCHELLES: Air Austral adjusts La Réunion - Mahé from late March.

Air AustralLa Réunion-based carrier Air Austral (UU) is, during the Northern Summer 2013 season, to adjust its operations on the St. Denis de la Reunion – Seychelles route. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

► RÉUNION: Air Austral announces timetable adjustments for Hurricane Felleng.

Air AustralWith the imminent arrival of Hurricane Felleng, Réunion based carrier Air Austral (UU) has, as a precautionary, issued a revised timetable for the next few days.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

► MAYOTTE: Air Caraïbes codesharing with Corsair on its Madagascar, Réunion, Dzaoudzi routes.

Air Caraïbes (TX), the regional airline of the French Caribbean, has since 10JAN13 expanded its codeshare operation with Corsair International (SS), which covers the latter’s France – Indian Ocean routes to Madagascar, La Réunion and Dzaoudzi (Mayotte).

Sunday, January 6, 2013

►► RÉUNION: Air Austral, Air France announce new flights following passage of Cyclone Dumile.

Air France logo
Air Austral[UPDATE 6 JANUARY] The passage of tropical Cyclone Dumile over the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Reunion have had their affect on the local aviation industry with Air France (AF) and Air Austral (UU) having to postpone and in some cases, cancel flights. Listed below are the reassigned flights.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

► IRAQ: Air Austral's unwanted Boeing 777-200LR finds a home with Iraqi Airways.

Air Austral
Respite has come to Réunion-based carrier Air Austral (UU) who, at last, have found a solution to the nagging problem of an unwanted Boeing 777-200LR (MSN 40993 | F-OLRB) that has been sitting idle in Seattle, awaiting delivery. Unable to pay for the aircraft, Air Austral have now been able to find a willing buyer in the form of the Iraqi Government who will then lease the aircraft out to Iraqi Airways (IA).

Friday, November 30, 2012

► RÉUNION: See Pics of Corsair International's sexy new A330 at Roland Garros!

Corsair InternationalRéunion, the French Overseas Territory in the Indian Ocean, was the first recipient of Corsair International's (SS) recently delivered Airbus A330-300; the first of two with the second due in late January 2013. The new aircraft are part of a renewal programme that follows a EUR300million recapitalization of the carrier by parent company, TUI, the largest tourism group in the world.

Friday, November 9, 2012

■ RÉUNION: Air Austral bounces back with a $7.35million profit for Q3.

Air Austral
In a dramatic change of its fortunes since posting a Q1 loss of EUR27million earlier in the year, Réunion-based French carrier Air Austral (UU) yesterday announced a profit of USD7.35million (EUR5.78million) for Q3 of its 2012 Financial Year, an improvement of USD9.89million (EUR7.78million) on its loss of USD2.54million (EUR2.0million) for the same period last year.

Monday, September 24, 2012

► RÉUNION: Air Austral boss Malé gives carrier 3 months max to come up with A380 decision.

Air Austral
Réunion-based French carrier, Air Austral (UU), is reportedly still in negotiations with European aircraft manufacturer Airbus SAS over a possible deal involving two A380s, albeit, not for the 840-All-Economy-Seaters that were envisaged by previous boss and company founder, Gérard Ethève, prior to his departure from the carrier in April this year.

Friday, August 31, 2012

► MAURITIUS: Emirates to go 14x weekly as Air Mauritius, Air Austral & Air Madagascar band together to survive.

EmiratesBucking the ongoing trend amongst European carriers of reducing their frequencies to the Indian Ocean island, Dubai based mega-carrier, Emirates (EK), has announced an increase in its weekly frequencies from 11x weekly to 12x weekly from 28 October 2012, with the route going 14x weekly from 28 November 2012.

Emirates: Dubai, UAE - Port Louis, Mauritius
- EK3705/3706 operate Day 23456 from 28 October 2012 until 27 November 2012
  • EK701 DXB 0310 – 0940 MRU 773 | 2457
  • EK3703 DXB 0310 – 0940 MRU 773 | 136
  • EK3705 DXB 1000 – 1645 MRU 773 | 1234567
  • EK3706 MRU 1820 – 0110+1 DXB 773 | 1234567
  • EK702 MRU 2320 – 0555+1 DXB 773 | 2457
  • EK3704 MRU 2320 – 0555+1 DXB 773 | 136

Monday, August 13, 2012

► RÉUNION: Air Austral to continue French services until January 2013.

Air Austral
Réunion based carrier Air Austral (UU) is to continue its services between Réunion and various French cities namely Marseilles, Toulouse, Lyon and Nantes into January of 2013, having previously announced their suspension for 28 October 2012. Its service to Bordeaux however (routed via Marseille) is to end on 28 October 2012.

Air Austral Route Network
Air Austral Route Network
Air Austral: St. Denis de la Réunion – Lyon, France – Nantes, France
-Effective until 20 January 2013
  • UU947 RUN2300 – 0705+1LYS0815+1 – 0925+1NTE 77W 3
  • UU948 NTE1515 – 1620LYS1730 – 0700+1RUN 77W 4
St. Denis de la Réunion – Marseille, France – Toulouse, France
-Effective until 20 January 2013
  • UU945 RUN2300 – 0650+1MRS0800 – 0855+1TLS 77W 5
  • UU946 TLS1515 – 1610MRS1725 – 0630+1RUN 77W 6
St. Denis de la Réunion – Marseille, France – Bordeaux, France
-Service ends 28 October 2012

The route rationalizations come as part of Air Austral's efforts to return to profitability following a nasty 2011 financial year which ultimately forced the cancellation of the carrier's Australian and South Pacific operations, as well as the cancellation of two Airbus A380s it had ordered.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

► RÉUNION: Air Austral restructures Africa routes.

Air Austral
Troubled French carrier, Air Austral (UU), who last month announced the cancellation of several of its Provence France destinations as well as its Australia and New Caledonia routes, is to reorganize several of its African destinations, as it fights back from a miserable 2011 Financial Year, which saw it cancelling its order for two Airbus A380s.

Air Austral A380
A rendering of Air Austral's A380 (flightglobal)
The announced changes:
Air Austral
St. Denis de la Reunion – Dzaoudzi (Mayotte FOT) – Moroni (Comoros):

Twice weekly service moves from Tuesday & Sunday to Monday & Thursday.
  • UU255 RUN1100 – 1210DZA1310 – 1350HAH 738 14
  • UU256 HAH1450 – 1530DZA1650 – 1950RUN 738 14

St. Denis de la Reunion – Johannesburg (South Africa):
Operational schedule changes for the two weekly flights, moving from night-time to afternoon/evening hours, as well as moving from Thursday & Sunday to Monday & Thursday.
  • UU341 RUN1515 – 1725JNB 738 4
  • UU311 RUN1515 – 1725JNB 738 1
  • UU342 JNB1825 – 0015+1RUN 738 4
  • UU312 JNB1825 – 0015+1RUN 738 1

St. Denis de la Reunion – Nossi-Be (Madagascar) – Dzaoudzi (Mayotte FOT/Comoros)
Service increases from 2x to 3x weekly
  • UU203 RUN1100 – 1150NOS1235 – 1320DZA 738 257
  • UU204 DZA1520 – 1605NOS1650 – 1930RUN 738 257

St. Denis de la Reunion – Seychelles
Twice weekly service moving from Thursday & Saturday to Wednesday & Friday.
  • UU431 RUN0900 – 1140SEZ 738 3
  • UU451 RUN0900 – 1140SEZ 738 5
  • UU432 SEZ1230 – 1505RUN 738 3
  • UU452 SEZ1230 – 1505RUN 738 5
St. Denis de la Reunion – Toamasina (Madagascar)

Service reduces from 3x to 2x weekly.
  • UU555 RUN1530 – 1620TMM AT7 5
  • UU515 RUN1530 – 1620TMM AT7 1
  • UU556 TMM1705 – 1950RUN AT7 5
  • UU516 TMM1705 – 1950RUN AT7 1

Dzaoudzi (Mayotte FOT) – Mahajanga (Madagascar)

Twice weekly service moving from Wednesday & Friday to Wednesday & Saturday.
  • UU244 DZA1310 – 1355MJN 738 36
  • UU245 MJN1445 – 1530DZA 738 36

Monday, June 11, 2012

► FRANCE: Air France announces various Africa changes for Winter 2012.

Air France logoFrench carrier Air France (AF) has announced various operational equipment changes to its Africa network, effective 28 October 2012 (i.e Winter 2012).

Air France Equipment Changes (Effective 28 October 2012)
  • Paris CDG – Bangui (Central African Republic)1 weekly service operates with A330-200, replaces A340-300
  • Paris CDG – Niamey (Niger) – Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) 4 weekly service operates with A330-200, replaces mix of A330/340
Other Equipment changes announced previously: 
Air France 777 in the Sahara
Air France 777 over the Sahara (Ken Iwelumo)
In Northern Winter 2012/13 season, Air France’s Airbus A340-300 and Boeing 747-400 operational frequencies continue to be reduced on following routes:

Airbus A340-300

  • Paris CDG – Bamako (Mali)1 Daily
  • Paris CDG – Cotonou (Benin) 5 weekly
  • Paris CDG – Lome (Togo) 4 weekly
Boeing 747-400
  • Paris Orly – St. Denis de la Reunion 3 weekly
 Read More Here [Airline Route]

Friday, May 18, 2012

► RÉUNION: Air Austral quits Sydney, Nouméa; starts Bangkok via Chennai.

Air Austral
Reunion-based carrier Air Austral (UU), has decided to cancel its two weekly flights to Nouméa, New Caledonia, via Sydney, Australia with effect from 28 October 2012, in what is seen as a knock on effect of the continuing Euro-zone crisis that has been affecting airlines the world over.
Air Austral
Air Austral Boeing 777
The French Overseas Territory carrier had initially planned to axe the route, along with several others to the French mainland beginning summer of this year, but later reconsidered.
"An Air Austral Boeing 777 has been linking Noumea with Paris, flying via Sydney and La Reunion since early 2009.

In December, the airline said the high cost of jet fuel forced the suspension of the flights but in February it decided to keep flying the route. The latest change has been due to ongoing losses.

New Caledonia’s daily paper says the end of the service has caused concern among travellers whose route to France is now likely to be almost exclusively via Japan."

In other Air Austral related news, the carrier has announced via Twitter, a new service to Bangkok via Chennai, India to be operated with a Boeing 737-800. No schedule has yet been released.